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Frida: ¡Viva la vida! Long Live Life!

An ALA Notable Children's Book



7 Herr Kahlo's oil paintings
1 large pain
1 liter of tears

Look at self black hair silk girl
in the daily mirror
on the underside of my bed canopy.
Draw self, the subject I know best.
Squeeze oil paints on a heart shape palette.
Green: Warm and good light.
Reddish purple: Aztec. Old blood of prickly pear.
Yellow: Madness, sickness, fear.
Black: Nothing is black. Really nothing.
Cobalt blue: Electricity and purity. Love.
Magenta: Blood? Well, who knows?

Slay pain, saying what I can't say otherwise.
Drop slain pain in an earthenware tureen.
Pour in tears.
Soak pain in tears until completely dissolved.
Dab brush in tear solution.
Dip brush in oil paint.
Respect the brush's wishes.
Let portrait dry for 2 to 4 days.
In the meantime, sing La Malagueña.