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Picasso: I the King, Yo el rey

This latest of Bernier-Grand's carefully researched and attractively formatted biographies is written, like her recent others, in free-verse style with strong, rhythmic phrasing that draws readers through each of 40 individually titled pieces and into the life of the prolific artist. Quotes by Picasso appear often–with their sources listed in the endnotes. The artist's strong will and drive are demonstrated in his decision to wander Madrid with sketchbook in lieu of attending art school; by his insistent attempts to develop his own style (e.g., his Blue Period; his fascination with masklike faces; his creation of Cubism); by his move to Paris; and his insatiable desire for women. Picasso's liaisons with his nine lovers–two of them wives–and the impact of each upon his artwork are an integral part of his life story. ("As paint is to brush, women are to Picasso's art.") Booklist

Frida: ¡Viva la vida! Long Live Life!

"As in her Pura Belpré Award Honor Book César: ¡Sí, se puede! Yes We Can (2005), Bernier-Grand introduces a famous life with lyrical free-verse poems. Nearly every double-page spread pairs a well-reproduce painting by Frida Kahlo with an original poem that defines turning points in the artist's life." 

--Kirkus, starred review.

Diego: Bigger than Life

"Bernier-Grand uses free verse to chronicle the childhood of Mexican muralist Diego Rivera, before highligting the passions--art, women, politics--of his adult life. These vignettes are appropriately accompanied by David Diaz's vibrant colored mixed media silhouettes and occationaly--and to great effect--Rivera's own paintings. This offerings makes an excellent companion to the poet's previous books."