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Shake it, Morena! And Other Folklore from Puerto Rico

"From the opening "Waking Up Song" to the final bedtime tune, "The Song of El Coqui," this collection features games, counting rhymes, and riddles as well as familiar children's songs from the author's native Puerto Rico. Taken from classrooms and playgrounds, each selection is accompanied by a brief footnote that explains cultural background or clarifies differences in Puerto Rican Spanish.


Directions are clear and easy to follow, and music for the songs is appended. The single folktale, "Legend of the Hummingbird," can be found elsewhere, but most of these games and activities are almost impossible to locate in other library materials. The watercolor illustrations are filled with tropical plants, landscapes, and animals, including 27 lizards children can hunt for in the book. People of all shades and ages eat, dance, sing, and cavort. A fine multicultural title for classrooms, this is also recommended for settings where children sing, play, and have fun."


—Linda Perkins, Booklist